01 Feb, 2017

Spread over 2million sq ft, Empire Tower at Cloud City in Airoli, Navi Mumbai, is regarded as a feat of architectural ingenuity by Reliable Group which pushes creativity in building design in a bold new direction

The characteristics of the best office build ings include good plan ning of the working en vironment and highquality architecture.

These facts form the core of iconic office space design for any of the projects undertaken by Reliable Group.

The group built its reputation on credibility by providing highest level of after-sales service, quality to workmanship and standards to its various projects.

While focusing on building long-term relationships, the group believes in delivering solutions that meet the demand of customers for flexible and function al workspaces.

In this regard, audaciously sculptural 19-storeyed Empire Tower is regarded as a feat of architectural ingenuity which pushes creativity in building design in a bold new direction.

Sprawled over 2million sq ft, it is poised to become the pulsating heart of the country's commercial activities. The Empire Tower is anchored at Cloud City, is one of India's most strategically-located IT Hub at Airoli, offering an unmatched edge with enhanced productivity through advantages in logistics, infrastructure and cost.

More than an iconic statement, The Empire Tower fundamental ly alters the way tall buildings are seen today .

Lined with trees and grass, the office space itself will feature concern for the greens that bring the outside in.

Reliable Group believes that an office is about maximising productivity and keeping the workforce engaged with the company to help it grow. The company has a huge focus on creating a unique mix of functional spaces which are stimulating and vibrant.

This compelling urban structure offers smart workplace solutions, which embodies and underscores the excellence and integrity of Reliable Group's workmanship. High-quality glass façade would form most walls and surfaces highlighting a contemporary working atmosphere. Empire Tower boasts of elegant decor and ritzy interiors that denote a modernistic way of doing business. Its uniqueness redefines the perspective of work environment by going beyond the realms of physical boundaries. It also offers a host of tangible and intangible benefits.

The whole look and feel of this Grade-A project will be ultra-modern that will effusively integrate with the top-notch surroundings.With business requirements changing, occupiers expect more than just a premium quality space. Moreover, when it comes to a development as large as this, building aesthetics are everything. The project promises a floor span of 1,16,000 sq. ft. chargeable area.

A lot of thought process has been put into micro-detailing while designing this ambitious project. For instance, for the disabled, the port system can allocate more elevator space or extend the time the elevators doors remain open.

The expansive view is soothing, out-of-this-world experience.Apart from state-of-the-art commercial workplaces, Empire Tower is going to become a hub of activity.

The aesthetic appeal of the commercial space's external envelope is matched by its environmental performance as well. This conveniently-located business building has many well-planned and thoughtful features with environmental conservation as the top priority. Empire Tower is a landmark within its context and sets new paradigms in green building designs as it is Gold-rated LEED certified by IGBC.

The project's success as a development stems from is its seamless connections with Mumbai's premium residential hubs opens access to a trained, capable and cost-effective workforce from micro-markets such as Mulund, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and many more.

During the realisation of this office tower, Reliable Group, while attaching great importance to functionality, safety and design collaborated with top-notch architects and consultants.

In fact, eye-catching architecture is at the heart of Empire Tower. The design promotes a vibrant business community offering highly flexible Class-A office space, with support and public amenities. Empire Tower is an innovative workplace environment that offers the benefits of unrivalled communications links and a range of on-site amenities.

A confident and vibrant business environment is supported by an equally impressive flora around.

The project has been envisioned to benefit from the growth of Navi Mumbai, once the international airport becomes functional and provide corporates with a refined work address.

Empire Tower realises the dreams of those wanting to own futuristic commercial space that's a landmark in itself in Navi Mumbai. The premium project capitalizes on its neighbouring reputed business locales and existing infrastructure as well as its future developments. The premium project offers multiple choices of areas for various business needs, including SMEs and corporates.

Empire Tower is a testimony to the company that strives for constant innovation and excellence.It's an inspiring workspace that's spacious, contemporary and high on amenities and more importantly it raises the overall grandeur quotient of the pulsating commercial area.

For details, contact: Empire Tower, Cloud City, Gut 31, Airoli, Thane-Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai 400 708 91679 11715, 022-3375 0000


Nature of Ownership: Freehold z Total Development: 2 million sq. ft.

Type of Space: ITITeS

Floor Plate: 1,160,00 sq. ft. chargeable area

Useable area to chargeable area: 70% z Maximum number of floors: Total 19 floors, including

basement, ground, food court, service floor,

5 parking levels and 12 office floors z IGBC LEED Certification: Gold

Fire Fighting Detection and Protection: As per NBC Code and the applicable Municipal and CFO laws


Source : Time Of India